Implementation of civil works.

Surveys, detail engineering and calculation reports.

Provision and installation of masts.

Radio Planning, link calculations and pre-interfering calculations.

Provision, Configuration and commissioning of: Point to Point and Multipoint Point Links, Tetra Critical Mission Systems – P25, GSM / 3G / LTE Cellular Radiobases

Design of topologies according to each specific project

Audits and security analysis

Provision, configuration and service start-up of: Routers, Switches, Firewalls

Design, provision, installation and commissioning of: Gateways IP, SBC, IP PBX, Softswitch / UC

Design and implementation of Master Stations (antennas)

Provision, configuration and installation of central Hubs.

Calculations and installation of links SCPC, VSAT, TVRO, etc.

Massive deployments of VSAT Installations throughout the country.

Provision and implementation of Mobile stations (Vehicles with self-pointing antennas, equipped with Wifi and CCTV)

Provision, configuration and installation of: Residential, corporate and public CCTV networks, Anti-intrusion system, sensor cable, infrared barriers, Cameras / Alarm systems, Vehicle patent recognition system

Design, provision and configuration of private and public WiFi networks

Implementation of WIFI solutions for mass events

Heat map

Radio Planning