Industry leading multinational company, with solutions for all layers, Networking, Wireless and Mobility, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Analytics, Video, IoT and Software.

Cisco has a great team of specialists in its entire portfolio of solutions, capable of tackling projects of any size and complexity.


Nokia is a leading provider of infrastructure for fixed, mobile and converged applications in the world. It is recognized for its offer in the provision of services in LTE and it is the first one in Latin America in the Managed Services Market.


It is the largest manufacturer in the world of Digital Trunking and IP Radio solutions, both for business environments and Critical Mission solutions.


Radio Microwave links of licensed, non-licensed bands, for multipoint distribution networks and Point-to-Point Solutions.


World leader in VoIP technology development. It has a wide range of products, such as MediaGateways, SBC, IPPhone, for companies, large corporations and Core Operators with robust and high reliability solutions.


Italian multinational and global provider of telecommunications network equipment. It provides wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions including microwave and millimeter wave radio systems.


Acadyan specializes broadband access, multimedia and wireless technologies.


YOFC (Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable) manufactures and provides a large variety of fiber optics, FO Cables, coaxial cables and optical accessories for many different solutions for the telecommunications industry.


Idirect is a Market leader of VSAT solutions. It has huge capacity and flexibility. It provides HW & SW solutions, Satellite HUBs, fixed satellite remote units and Auto-Traking, both for the private Market and for the argentinian Army.


The Guardians of a connected world, offers solutions that help with the management of the performance of your networks and applications specialized in cybersecurity, giving protection against DDoS attacks, analysis and threat assessment, ensuring the operational continuity of hybrid IT environments, managing a wide portfolio of Service Assurance products for Service Providers and Enterprise, Smart Data Statistics and Smart Analytics on your network and in the cloud

Juniper Networks Logo

We represent Juniper, an American company dedicated to network and security systems, sales of infrastructure products and services, with a wide portfolio: Switch, Router, Firewall, Cloud Solutions, SD Wan, Metro, Automation, Wifi Networks


It has an extensive portfolio of products and solutions for Education, Health, Residential, Hospitality, Offices, Transportation, etc. Products and solutions for monitoring, video and automation, Biometric Solutions without contact, Thermal Solutions, Wireless solutions for hotel management, terminals and attendance management, pedestrian and car barriers, metal detectors, access control in general, etc. As well as administration and visualization management from the cloud.


Company formed between Polycom and Plantronics oriented to the manufacture of equipment to facilitate collaborative mobile communications, both for office work and for the home office.
Poly has developed and perfected solutions and products such as SIP IP phones, headsets, video conferencing systems, collaboration terminals, making them compatible with all communication platforms on the market, as well as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Genesys, Amazon platforms. , MEtaswitch, Avaya, among others.


American company delivering unified communications solutions since 2002. Granstream’s wide range of products helps connect companies around the world while enabling them to achieve more than ever quality, reliability and innovation. With its products such as video conference systems, SIP IP terminals and centrals, Wi-Fi network solutions and management, collaboration devices, among others.


Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. With solutions integrated in four key domains, telecommunications networks, IT, smart devices and cloud services.