P25 and TETRA Solutions for Public Safety, Oil & GAS and Mining.

Critical Missions are those ones that are necessary and compelling communications in which there is a risk of life. Basically those ones  that are taken in hostile places, in complex non-urbanized natural environments, in the prevention of accidents, in requests for help in emergency situations and for the immediate collection of evidence in situations of extreme urgency.

Technology Bureau has an extensive portfolio of solutions that have been developed by companies that are at the forefront of these technologies, with which it works as a strategic partner in the search and implementation of the solution according to each type of emergency.

They are solutions of very high availability rate, both for voice and data and have terminals approved for use in sites that merit anti-explosive elements, high durability and immune to dust and other inclement conditions.

Voice and data communications in a single and comprehensive system. Simplicity of operation and maintenance. Friendly and safe operation for groups of specialists dedicated to the tasks inherent in a Critical Mission, with a solid and reliable communication tool.

It allows immediate location of people and vehicles providing an efficient response and greater security enabling immediate corrective and / or preventive actions.

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Integrated voice and data solutions for companies

Nowadays the proven technological efficiency of the so-called “two-way radios” is the favorite option for companies all around the world.

It is a technology that connects users who prioritize clear, instant and very reliable communications.

We have within this classification, several models that adapt to the needs of the client either in two analog and / or digital channels enabled for voice and data communications.

When our clients ask us to improve the security, efficiency and productivity of their organizations, we choose to design two-way radio networks DMR (called “proprietary”).

Combining the best of the functionality of two-way radios with the latest equipment designed in digital technology for instant communications.

This allows a simplified decision-making process that allows the coordination and optimization of multiple tasks to be coordinated without limitation while maintaining the communications network operational and secure.

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Effective communications with broadband LTE networks..

LTE Radio solutions combine:

üthe robustness of the LMR systems with

üthe high data capacity of an LTE network

achieving an unprecedented performance, allowing organizations, entities and corporations to have a great capacity for data transmission in motion.

For example, that a moving vehicle receives images generated from another distant point captured by fixed cameras installed at the scene of the incident, while approaching the scene.

It generates the possibility of having relevant information in real time, allowing decisions to be made in advance at the same time to the emergency bodies, the panorama with which they will meet so that they are prepared to act according to the nature of the situation. Emergency time is an imponderable value when it comes to assisting the injured. And to be able to visualize the characteristics of a criminal act optimizes the intervention of the security forces and fundamentally protects them by being able to know in advance the situation and the magnitude of the criminal action to which they should be exposed.

This type of solutions allows to increase the quality of the service and exalts the community that chooses to incorporate them as a fundamental tool in the fight against insecurity.

The system allows different types of value-added services to be included within the LTE network.

The technology applied to enrichment at communications.

Collaborative Communication is the interaction that allows people to communicate using digital media that allow them to exchange voice, text, images and video.

This facility is applied with increasing breadth, intensity and need in work spaces, a situation that highlights companies and service providers.

Applications to achieve Collaborative Communication are becoming the main tool for many companies, not only for business communication, but for the development of productive daily tasks.

At present, a conventional work day means the continuous exchange of information through chat, email, shared documents and online workspaces.

We offer cross-platform telephony and unified communications integration solutions for companies that require to unify all their communications devices on a single platform, optimizing the collaboration integrating voice communications, messaging, video, with the option of presence in the Cloud or in your company. This emerging workflow is visualized in a unique and integrated collaboration and unified communications interface.

We specialize in the deployment of Recording and Contact Center solutions for Call Centers.

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Growing economies Supporting education Increasing productivity. Enabling smart cities. Saving lives. The applications are unlimited.

In banking, the satellite is driving the expansion of financial services in developing countries, feeding ATMs and allowing end-to-end branch connectivity.

VSAT is increasingly integrated into corporate networks to support interactive distance learning and videoconferencing for training purposes. The satellite is increasingly used to extend the Internet’s reach to rural areas and schools.

The energy industry relies on satellites to connect remote devices and equipment and to support large data networks that improve productivity and automate operations.

Satellites play a key role in disaster recovery services that can save lives in areas affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters.

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